Love of photography

I’ve always had a love for photography. On family vacations I’d constantly ask my mom for her camera, until she finally gifted me my very own (a Canon point-and-shooter) when I was around 10 years old. Back then, experimenting with composition or lighting was an expensive endeavor due to the cost of film and development fees. I didn’t really start developing any skills until I got my first digital SLR. 

Photographing wildlife is the biggest thrill; you never know what you’ll encounter and while it can take many shots, trips or years to get the picture you were hoping for, the chase and adventure is most of the fun!


passion for wildlife

The importance of conservation

We’re at a very critical time right now to protect our planet’s biodiversity. With so many species facing extinction, I strongly believe in supporting conservation organizations as much as I can, both financially and through volunteer work. 

With my pictures and art I want to show the beauty of our planet. Organizations I support include:

Painted Dog Conservation 

N/a’an ku sĂȘ

Cheetah Conservation Botswana

African Wildlife Foundation

Orca Conservancy

Wildlife Conservation Network


Budget & Eco-friendly

Printable and digital products are a great way to get access to a huge amount of options without needing to leave your home. Instead of printed cards at physical stores our products don’t need to get shipped or take up space in stores or your home; they’re ready when you are!

Thanks for considering supporting our work, and, in turn, wildlife conservation efforts!