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About Us

PaintedDogPrintables offers 100% digital, downloadable, printable cards and photographs. Purchases can be made through our Etsy Store. Photographs can be printed to display, or digitally used for personal websites*. 

Printable cards and photographs are an environmentally conscious way to meet demand; they’re accessible globally without incurring shipping costs, or the associated carbon footprint costs. 

Wildlife photography is a passion that has taken me to multiple corners of the world. PaintedDogPrintables allows me to share – and make an income from – some of my favorite photographs, as well as original wildlife photography based art products. 


Painted Dogs

Painted dogs, also known as African Wild Dogs or African Painted Wolves, are Africa’s second most endangered carnivore. These dogs are incredible hunters and packs take care of their pups, sick, old or injured dogs together. Conservation efforts are critical right now to help prevent this species from going extinct. I volunteer at and support various wildlife conservation organizations that are working to protect painted dog habitat. Proceeds from printable product sales help me maintain and increase this support. 

Check out these great organizations to learn more about African Wild Dogs and efforts to save them:

Painted Dog Conservation 

African Wildlife Foundation

Wildlife Conservation Network

N/a’an ku sê

products & Designs

art Printable cards

Printable greeting cards with designs based on / made of original wildlife photography. Size 5×7, 5×5, 5×3 included in both .pdf and .jpg formats with each purchase. 

Photo printable CArds

Simple blank-inside cards for any occasion. Size 5×7, 5×5, 5×3 included in both .pdf and .jpg formats with each purchase. 

Digital photographs

High quality digital photograph file (JPG). MP varies and is listed for each photograph. Print & frame, or use for an online design. 

* Copyright reserved @painteddogprintables. No commercial license is granted with the purchase of digital products.